Zsuzsi Flohr is a Hungarian visual artist and a researcher living and working in Vienna. She is a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where she is writing her dissertation on the role and relevance of art in the realm of memory politics with special reference to the “Third Generation” after the Holocaust. She has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, and the University of Fine Arts, Budapest and The Kunst Volkshochschule Wien. Flohr presented her work at the 57th Venice Biennale (2017), Research Pavilion.  She has presented her art at several festivals, including the Jerusalem Biennale (2017), the Wiener Festwochen (2015) and the Wienwoche (2015). In 2018, she participated in the Past (Im)Perfect Continuous Conference at Sapienza University of Rome. Flohr has her solo show Chances in Life in 2018 at the 2B Gallery, Budapest. In 2020 she participated in the exhibition Space for Kids. Denk(dir)mal! at the Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz. In 2021 Flohr had her new arts-based research project presentation “ How did I realized…?” in Budapest with the support of the Visegrad Grant at the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives Budapest and in collaboration with Marom Budapest.  She is a member of the Memory Studies Association. Flohr received grants for her research projects form the Austrian Federal Chancellery, the Future Fund of the Republic of Austria and the University of Linz.


How I realized? project presentation and exhibition at the Massolit Books and Café in Budapest, 2021

Chances in Life. Curator: Márton Pacsika, 2B Gallery Budapest, 2019

The Music of Avantgarde The Sounds of Commemoration. Sound installation on Yellow Star House Memory Day, 21. June in 2014. Studio Gallery, Budapest, 2014


Space for Kids. Denk(dir)mal! Curators: Wolfgang Brunner, Andrea Hubin, Michaela Schmidlechner, Michael Simku, Martin Walkner, Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, 2020

585,000 m2. Director: Ram Ozeri, Co-Curators: Andrea Ausztrics and Zita Mara Vadasz, The Jerusalem Biennale, Jerusalem, 2017

Hauntopia / What If. Curators: Renate Lorenz, Anette Baldauf, Research Pavilion Venice Biennale, 2017

contesting/contexting SPORT to reclaim the field with art and activism. nGbK and Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, 2016

Ein Stein steht hier. Formationen des Erinnerns 1949A Stone Stands Here. Formations of Remembrance, 1949. Zsuzsi Floh, Eduard Freudmann. Curators: Elke Krasny and Barbara Mahlknecht, xhibit, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2016

Between Democracies, Memory and commemorationbetween Eastern and Central Europe and South Africa. Curator: Judy Peter, University of Johannesburg, 2015

Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module. MUSEUM AS A HUB. Curated: tranzit and organized by Lauren Cornell, New Museum, New York, 2015

The Jewish Renaissance Boxing Club Vienna. by Zsuzsi Flohr, Veronica Lion, Tatiana Kai-Browne, Sarah Mendelsohn, WIENWOCHE, 2015

Practices and the Utopia. GALLERY BY NIGHT, Greek choir-performance, Curators: Zsuzsi Flohr, Klári Rudas, Studio Gallery, Budapest, 2015

Was sie unterließ, haben wir getan. with Benjy Fox-Rosen, Eduard Freudmann, Eva Reinold and Luisa Ziaja, Into the City/Wiener Festwochen, Curated by Anton Lederer, Birgit Lurz,    Margarethe Makovec and Wolfgang Schlag, 2015

We (are) here (and now)! Exhibition of the new members of FFS (Young Photographers’ Studio, Hungary), Curator: Judit Gellér, ArtBázis, Budapest, 2013

28/31. Exhibition of the new members of FKSE (Studio of Young Artists Association),Curators: Dorka Kaposi, Réka Kenéz, Fanni Magyar,  Studio Gellery, Budapest, 2012

Mapping a city.  PLartFORM, Guest Space residency. Curator: Michela Alessandrini, Labor Bp, 2012

A nose for Pixels. Photographic workshop and exhibition, Young Photographers’ Studio. Curator: Ágnes Eperjesi, Anna Balázs, Hungarian House of Photography in Mai Manó House, 2012

Local Identity/Are You Happy? SISONKE-togetherness, Cross Continental Filmscreening, Organized by KulturAXE-Vienna, Top Kino, Vienna, 2007

Photo Biennial Dunaújváros. Institute of Contemporary Art, 2007


Enjoy Your Struggles. Curator: Katalin Erdődi, Zsuzsi Flohr, Studio Gallery, Budapest, 2016

Our Holocaust The third generation after the Holocaust. Curated by: Zsuzsi Flohr, Studio Gallery, Budapest, 2014


Recollecting Wounded Narratives (upcoming reviewed publication) Diffractions – Graduate Journal for the Study of Culture Research Centre for Communication and Culture Catholic University of Portugal, 2021.

Woven Memory. In: Past (Im)Perfect Continuous – Trans-Cultural Articulations of the Postmemory of WWII. Edited: Alice Balestrino. Comitato Scientifico Serie Studies in American Literature and Culture. Sapienza University of Rome, 2021

Ellentmondó narratívák (Contradicting narratives)in Hungarian. Szombat – Jewish political and cultural journal, 2019, April, XXXI./4.

The Homecomer: On the Road with Képíró Sándor Part One and Two. On Productive Shame, Reconciliation, and Agency, Suzana Milevska (Ed.) Sternberg Press 2015


Experimental Drawing courses – Course leader– Die Kunst Volkshochschule Wien, 2020/2021

Interwoven memories – Seminar lecturer – Researching hidden narratives on the Holocaust in context with Decolonization and New Anti-Semitism – seminar lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2020

Creative Analysis (Alkotó elemzés)  – Visiting lecturer – Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department, 2017

Research Methodologies/Decolonizing Methodologies – Teaching Assistant of Univ. Prof. Anette Baldauf, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2016

The Missing Monument – Commemoration in Progress – Seminar lecturer – Lectureship Program, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2016

Commemoration in Progress – Workshop leader – Uncanny Materials, On the Foundation of Art Education – A curatorial and educational exhibition and research project, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2016

Memories and objects – Workshop leader – The layers of MEMORY, Workshop series for teenagers, KulturKontakt Austria (KKA), Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Wien, 2015


Memory Studies Association Conference, Warsaw, 2021

Sources of Memory and the Holocaust. International, digital workshop on contemporary academic, artistic, and theoretical approaches concerning sources of memory and the Holocaust, The British Association for Holocaust Studies (UK) and Research Centre for Memory Cultures (PL), 2020

Past (Im)Perfect Continuous Conference, Trans-Cultural Articulations of the Postmemory of WWII.
Sapienza University Rome, 2018

Earn Conference: Hauntopia / What If. On haunting, unfinished pasts and possible futures, Research Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2017

Earn Conference: That Art Exhibits. On the idea of artistic curating and the tactics of display, Brussels, 2016

Turning (to) the Archive. Institutional Histories, Educational Regimes, Artistic Practices, and Politics of Remembrance, Symposium, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2016

Aspire Conference Antisemitism & Islamophobia on the Rise in Europe. Vienna, 2015

Taboo topic 2.: Holocaust representation in contemporary art. Symposium by, Budapest, 2015

Symposium On Productive Shame Reconciliation and Agency.  Organized by Dr. Suzana Milevska, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2014


The Jewish Renaissance Boxing Club (JRBC) by Zsuzsi Flohr,  Lecture-performance in the frame of contesting/contexting SPORT, nGbK and Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, 2016

Hauntopia / What If, Performances, screenings by the PhD in Practice – a séance with haunting futures and possible pasts. MUMOK – Museum moderner Kunst Wien, 2016


DeportiertVergleichende Perspektiven auf die Organisation des Wegs in die Vernichtung. Concept: Peter Black (VWI), Dieter J. Hecht, Michaela Raggam-Blesch,Heidemarie Uhl (ÖAW) 2019

Exile and Memory, Marie Jahoda Summer School: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Institut für Soziologie, Universität Wien, 2017

KulturKontakt Austria. Artists in Residence, 2015


For the arts-based research project “How did I relaized…” Visegrad Grant. Grant for researchers. Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives Budapest, 2020

Working Grant (Arbeitsstipendium) COVID 19. Grant for artists and researchers, City of Vienna, 2020

For the The Nordbahnhof Project. Working and research funding from the Leopoldstadt District, Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria (BKA), The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria. 2018/2019

For the exhibition Chances In Life. The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria, The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria (BKA). 2018/2019

Dissertation Completion Grant from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Linz. 2018

For the project Enjoy Your Struggles. Working grant by the Austrian Cultural Forum, The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest, 2016


2018- Member of the Memory Studies Association

2017- Member of the IG BILDENDE KUNST, (Advocacy Group of Visual Artists in Austria)

2013-2015 Board member of FKSE (Studio of Young Artists Association, Hungary)

2012- Member and Senior member of FKSE (Studio of Young Artists Association, Hungary)

2012-2018 Member of FFS (Young Photographers’ Studio, Hungary)


2013- PhD in practice at Institute of Fine Arts and Institute of Art Theory and Cultural Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2001-2006 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Faculty of visual communication graphic design (MA)