Wall Walk (video) © 2008

5 min 5 sec, DV tape

The title refers to the English name of Western Wall. It can be approached by women in a prescribed clothing only on a shorter, surrounded stretch than the one men can use. In the issue of “the women’s role at the Wall” there has been a long fight between the secular and conservative Jews.

Although the so-called Jerusalem syndrome, the wide group of transcendent, psychotic experiences overwhelm many of the Jew, Muslim and Christian men and women arriving to Jerusalem, the Wall and its enviroment divides, delimitates and differentiates them in many ways.

WallWalk is a reflection on the Western Wall from the specific point of view of a woman: but in fact, on women’s  ondition in general. As a woman I felt under a lot of strain there: the reasons are all well-known: but the feeling was unique.

This feeling is what I wanted to pass to others through this short film.

music: Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed: In Our Sleep
(Warner Bros Records CD Maxi-Single US – 1995)

news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vaaj8INViDQ